OLPH-Cheapest energy storage!

Pumped hydro accounts for 95% of global energy storage capacity and is 10 times cheaper than batteries, with lowest levelised cost of electricity due to 100 year operationality compared with 10 years for batteries.

Pumped hydro needs an upper and a lower reservoir conected through a penstock and water is recirculated between them, by pumping water from the lower reservoir into the upper one, when low demand and electricity prices in the grid, and let the water falls back through the reversible turbine pump, on pick demand and prices.

Energy storage paired with renewable generation will boost the penetration of renewables globaly according to "Finkel report"

Energy Storage Rights, is a Canberra based green start-up that owns the regional IP rights to this novel single-reservoir pumped storage technology branded as One Lake Pumped Hydro

The technology has the following characteristics:

·  single reservoir – removing the need for a 2nd reservoir and associated infrastructure, thereby reducing CAPEX by > 50% compared with the standard 2 reservoir project

·   can be installed in gulfs, mine pit lakes, as well as reservoirs, and off-shore; the deeper the water body, the higher its storage capacity

·   modular & scalable – enabling standardised components to be manufactured off-site, agglomerated to a desired scale and deployed in paralel with a floating or standard solar farm.

One lake pumped hydro (OLPH) can store 1 MWh into a concrete cylinder with 20 m radius and 20 m height, that floats on a lake, like in the above animation, has a reversible pump-turbine at the bottom, that is powered by solar or wind energy.

Increasing the hight of the cylinder to 100 m, the storage capacity increases to 5 MWh, generating 1MW for 5 hours.

OLPH its easily to scale up further 10 times, by floating 9 similar cylinders, that are positioned circular and share the reversible pump-turbine with the central one by connecting pipes.

Australia has hundreds of pit lakes connected to grid from depleted mines flooded by aquifer and rain.

OLPH is able to convert an open pit mine lake, from a costly liability, into a renewable energy storage asset, It applies also to pumped hydro dams that will have a scalable storage solution without the need to build tunnels or a second reservoir. Genex Power is already planning to use 2 pit lakes for energy storage

Energy Storage Rights PTY LTD has the IP rights for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, PNG and Romania for the patent granted to University of Innsbruck, Austria for Buoyant Energy

Energy Storage Rights has filled a patent for "Energy Storage Container System" that will build the storage device by stacking used shipping containers as "Lego" like building bricks, that were previousely waterproofed for dual use pumped hydro (off river PH and one lake PH) , as in be following videos

The technology to build the OLPH energy storage devices is already available and tested:
1) Marine Rubber Airbags

2) Floating breakwaters made of concrete caissons

3) Containerized Pontoon Systems

4) Reversible pump turbines

A demonstration pilot of 1MWh  would need $0.5 mil, according to research in floating breakwaters cost, which is half than lithium batteries at same storage capacity.

One lake pumped hydro energy storage made with inflatables rubber fenders



Dan Barbulescu Co-Founder Energy Storage Rights, Investment management and Director http://www.linkedin.com/in/danbarbulescu/

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Ionut Purica Executive Director of the Advisory Center for Energy and Environment, Romanian Academy https://www.linkedin.com/in/purica-ionut-b3682841/

Floreana Coman , Associate Profesor RMIT University https://www.linkedin.com/in/floreana-coman-31b82b89 

MARIAN Rizoiu, ANU Lecturer, Artificial Intelligence expertise http://cecs.anu.edu.au/people/marian-andrei-rizoiu-0


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